School Shop

The School Shop started in 1994 in the disused Post Office across the road from the school. Originally selling student made crafts, we quickly realised when a bus tour fromĀ  the then Proud Mary, now Murray Expedition Paddle Steamer added the Shop to its itinerary, that we needed to source high quality, locally made crafts.

We sell locally made crafts, taking 20% commission. Each class also makes their own produce. The Junior Primary class makes book marks, the Lower Middle Primary makes fridge magnets, the Middle Primary makes recipe books and the Upper Primary makes chocolate coated apricots and home made lemon cordial.

We, the students are responsible for all financial record keeping. With a turnover of $15 000 per year and over 30 consignors, we work hard to balance the books. We learn a lot about providing customer service, balancing the books and always improving what we do.

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