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The MoneySmart program has been running since 2012. Its purpose is to teach students about how financial systems work and to be clever with money. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) wanted to evaluate the program nation-wide, so they asked each jurisdiction (in our case DECD) to nominate a best practice school. We were nominated for SA and the evaluator Ros came from Melbourne to talk to students, parents and teachers.

Ros’ feedback (quoted below) was incredible and she was amazed at how well our students were able to talk about not just saving instead of spending, but how our students were able to talk about the tax system, GST and the impact of advertising. From Year 5 up, the Economics and Business Curriculum addresses some aspects of financial literacy, but we have made a commitment to do so from Reception and have scheduled one maths lesson per fortnight to address this. Our enterprise program dovetails into this nicely.

“A quick note to thank you for the warm welcome to Mypolonga PS last week, and for all your work in organising the interviews with teachers, students and parents. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the school – it was lovely to meet you and the school community, and to see first-hand how the MoneySmart Teaching program is being used to help students develop their Consumer and Financial Literacy capabilities. It was great to see “the shop” in action, and the ways in which you’ve managed to get the whole school involved in every facet of running the shop. Please extend my thanks to Jane, Cass, Mark and the students who took part in this evaluation.

Thanks for your advice too Rita on the best ways to encourage my children’s school to get on board with MoneySmart. I ended up making an appointment to speak to the Deputy Principal this afternoon – I think I spent half the time there talking about your shop, and how the students are able to add up change in their heads and working out the percentage commissions to pay the various consigners. At the deputy principal’s request, I have emailed her a link to the program, along with a link to the Mypolonga Today Tonight story so they could see what a whole of school approach to the teaching of CFL looks like.

By the way, my family all enjoyed the apricots and peaches. They taste so much better than those bland Turkish apricots. I think I have also spent half the weekend talking about Mypolonga, the shop and even the TIGER values! And yes, my children have also watched the video!

Do keep up the great work that you’re doing at Mypolonga. I will be in touch over the next week or so when I have the draft case study to send through – I just want to make sure that all the details are accurate.

Many thanks again, Ros”

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