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Reading Surveys

Reading Surveys

The collection and analysis of sets of data is the significant part of the maths curriculum from Years 5-7. The SLC (Student Learning Community) has taken a partnership-wide approach to developing a love of reading in our students. We have combined both aspects to design surveys around the love of reading at Mypo. We intend to find out ‘Do we love reading because we are good at it, or are we good at it because we love reading?’  Year 5-7 maths students designed the questions to ‘interpret and compare a variety of data displays including those displays with 2 categorical variables’ to determine answers to questions such as:

  • Is there a difference between students’ love of fiction and non fiction texts?
  • Are Running Record levels higher when students read for more nights?
  • Does gender make a difference?
  • Does age make a difference?

In maths lessons students will collate all of this information, analyse it and make recommendations, which will then go to the Lifelong Learning Community and SLC for discussion. In the words of Professor Guy Claxton: ‘International research shows that love of reading is the biggest predictor of a person’s social wellbeing as a 30 year old. However, literacy programs aimed at improving test scores often have a detrimental effect on students’ enjoyment of reading.’

We will keep you informed of our results.

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